Welcome to the Combatives Belt Promotion System

The Combatives University is primarily a mechanism for Warriors to prove their skill set to the Guild of Combatives Black Belts and be recognized for them by the awarding of Combtives Belts, eventually the Combatives Black Belt, and membership in the guild.  

The Combatives belt system is not one of memorizing techniques and demonstrating them with a compliant partner. That type of system inevitably creates paper tigers who cannot fight. Rather, it is a list of skills and abilities that must be mastered and a method for proving that you have done so, usually through video evidence but also with training certificates or similar documentation. 

There are two methods of gaining the first two levels (Grey and Green belts) of promotion. Certified Combatives Black Belts are able to personally promote their students independent of the online system. Anyone who is not a personal student of a Combatives Black Belt, or who is attempting to earn the brown or black belt, must enroll in the classes and meet the requirements contained within. The classes must be accomplished in order. A certificate of rank from either a black belt or from completing the online courses is a prerequisite to opening the modules within all but the grey belt course.

Do not expect the process to go quickly or for it to be easy. It takes a decade or more to achieve black belt level fighting ability in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. A Combatives black belt must have this level of expertise across that and many more areas such as shooting. The courses require proof of ability in several areas, some of which will require enrolling in other training courses such as trauma medicine. There is no guarantee that if you enroll in any of the courses you will ever become certified. 

Becoming a Combatives Black Belt requires many years of dedicated effort, in the mat room, on the range, in the weight room, in the medical classroom, and more. Most people prefer to specialize in only the warrior skills they enjoy the most. These people will never make it. 

Deeds of Arms

Matt Larsen