Black Belts

A Combatives Black Belt is one of the highest honors in Martial arts. It means that the person honored is at the master class level across all of the skills of the modern warrior. It isn't an award for hobbyists who train only in the aspects of fighting that they enjoy. It is for the most serious warriors in the world, those who have dedicated themselves to being what their brothers need them to be when they are in harm's way. 

 Few people who start training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ever make it to black belt. Still, becoming a blue or purple belt is quite an accomplishment. The average blue belt can beat almost anyone they meet in a fight and the average purple belt would most likely be the best fighter in any infantry brigade in the world. 

The same thing can be said about people who take up action shooting as a hobby. Very few will ever be a master class shooter. Still, the average B or C class USPSA shooter or IDPA Sharpshooter is better with weapons and much more likely to win in a gunfight than the vast majority of people. 

 The people on this list are the ones that any warrior would want with them when going into a fight. They can all fight at the brown or black belt level in BJJ/MMA. They can shoot, know trauma medicine, and are fit and ready. And we are very proud to call each other our brothers.

Black Belts

Ben Aubin

Jeff Adams - 

John Anderson 

Keith Bach

William Bader

Cecil Burch

Jeremy Brown

Cliff Byerly -

Josh Chambers

Michael Andrew Chappelle

Timothy Charpenter

Brennan Deveraux

Craig Douglas -

Dave Durnil

Tim Farris

Mike Ferriter -

Nate Ford

Sam Ferguson

Matt Gallagher

MacGregor Glasgow

Chris Gordon

Jeremy Horn - 

Iako Kalili - 

Tim Kennedy -

Matt Larsen

Chad Lebrun -

Michael Loyd

Randy Malacas 

Stephen Martin - 

Jason Martin - 

Dirk McComas

Rich Miranda

Tohonn Nicholson

Mike Pagano -

Kris Perkins

Trever Prangley - 

John Renken

Jason Reyes

Sean Roberts

Brandon Sayles - 

Guy Schnitzler

Adam Scholl

Al Seiring - 

Paul Sharp 

John Simons

Colton Smith

Kawika Smith

Matt Smith -

Damien Stelly

C. Ryan Stephens - 

Tim Stone

Troy Thomas  -

John Valentine

Jerry Wetzel

Piet Wilhelm - 

Stephen Wyatt


Brown Belts

Sean Boland

David Boling

Sean Broussard

Vincent Cruz

Kim Dees

Townley Hedrick 

James Hanson

James Johnson Jr

Tara LaRosa

Pat Miletich

Steve Moses

Jason  Steiner

Jesse Montez Thorton Sr.

Shane Lees

Rob Robinson

Eric Trudell

Vince Vargas